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Links to local community and business groups who Citadel Arts Group has worked with or have supported us.

Black Light Black Light, is a leading provider of light, stage, sound and AV solutions to theatres, schools, exhibitions and events.
WEA WEA SCOTLAND This website describes the WEA's work in Scotland, information about membership and how organisations can join with us in promoting lifelong learning for all. ...
Mark Lazarowicz MP http://www.marklazarowicz.org.uk/  Marl Lazarowicz supports Citadel Arts Group in his News from the Community section of his web site.
Kat Gollock I have a relaxed yet professional approach to the way I shoot and prefer to keep things understated and as natural as possible. I work collaboratively with people to bring out the best in them and me and our ideas and photos and work intuitively, when shooting events and performance, to capture the defining moments.
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